IISSM - Security Practitioner Network
"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it." Working on this principle IISSM work as a catalyst for bringing security practitioner together and providing a platform for knowledge enhancement and sharing by organizing various workshops, seminars and certification courses etc.

Bringing learning to people
When distance and time is becoming barrier for imparting knowledge to the masses. Internet is the best way to reach the people. IISSM E-Learning is an initiative to bring Learning to people.

Learn Anytime Anywhere
E-Learning is proven for better results over traditional learning. Audio Visual effects gives High retention. It provides flexibility by facilitating anytime anywhere learning at self pace.

Electronic Security Certification Courses
With fast changing electronic world, everyday new technology is coming and security systems are becoming obsolete. With new systems, operators supervisors and officers requires to upgrade knowledge for better supervision and results. IISSM is Launching wide range of courses in electronic system.

Information - A Vital Asset
Technology alone is not enough to secure information. People plays important role in achieving information security. Training and awareness helps organizations avoiding information security breaches. IISSM Information Security Course help organizations train employees for meeting compliance and make them vigilant.

IISSM is active in providing awareness and advanced training in the field of security and safety. With advancement in technology and for expanding the reach moreaudience IISSM started E-Learning courses. Not only it will helpprofessionals to attend the course without any location barrier but also itwill enable them to attend the course any time according to their will andavailability of time.
  • World class course material
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Industry accredited certification
  • Simple to use
  • Highly Interactive Audio-Visual content
  • Anytime Anywhere access

IISSM Program is helpful to review ourselves and rethinking / reconsidering our Security setup / Management in an organized manner

Mr Shailesh K Singh, Asst. Manager Security,The India Cement Ltd.
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